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94 quart cooler divider insert

Product Description

The Fisherman fits into:

Igloo* Marine 94 quart coolers

Igloo* Marine Ultra 94qt ice chest

Igloo* Super Tough STX 94qt ice chest

All components are dishwasher safe. Easy to install & remove, simply slide the housing into the pre-molded notches in your cooler. The housing serves as the divider and stays in place, while the cutting board is easily accessible to remove and use as needed. Housing easily snaps apart for cleaning. Cooler pictured is NOT included.

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Product Details

Material Dishwasher safe plastic Size Fits: Igloo* Marine 94 Quart Coolers, Igloo Marine Ultra 94qt ice chest, & Igloo Super Tough STX 94qt ice chest. Price $ 24.95 + S/H ($ 14.50)
(Ships Via USPS)