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Frequently Asked Questions: Payments

Do I have to be a Paypal account holder to purchase?
No. We utilize the Paypal payment portal due to its popularity and high standards for privacy and security. You may pay for our products through the portal with your Visa, Mastercard, or Debit Mastercard or Visa. For step-by-step instructions, Click Here
What other methods of payment are there?
Currently, there are no other methods of payment. We do not accept checks, money orders or Purchase orders.
Who will my card statement reflect that I paid?
Your card statement will reflect the charges under "Divide "N" Cut, LLC.
Where is my receipt?
Your receipt is emailed to you through the Paypal portal. Please check your spam filter if a receipt is not received.
My payment is declined, why?
Any number of factors can trigger a decline of your card. Common reasons include, but are not limited to: incorrect expiration date, incorrect card number, wrong zip code entered, wrong name entered. Please review your entries and resubmit. If a decline warning continues, contact your card customer service.
I think I hit submit twice and my card might have been billed twice, what do I do?
Card payments generally post to our account within 24-48 hours after your submittal. If you feel that you were double-charged, contact us immediately at info@dividencut.com and provide as much detailed information as possible. (date submitted, time, product choices, etc.). We will review our records after the amount posts to our account and verify a double charge has occured. If it has, a refund will be submitted to your card less the transaction fees incurred. No shipment of product will occur until the payment issue is resolved. DO NOT CONTACT YOUR CARD PROVIDER FOR A CHARGE-BACK.
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FAQs are currently under development. Please check back often for updates.
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FAQs are currently under development. Please check back often for updates.