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This is Our Story

Our story starts with a frozen hand, a drink we didn't want and a unique idea!

Our Story as told by our CEO Jeff Daley: "Divide "N" cut was born after many years of frustration reaching into my cooler and pulling out the wrong beverage. I had no clue what I was pulling up from the ice. Additionally, after some time, all the beverages would eventually sit on top of the ice and not IN the ice. My family and friends spend a great deal of time outdoors. Whether it be fishing, camping, tailgating or in the backyard having a BBQ, we always have a cooler close by with food and beverages.

I thought, there HAS to be a way to separate things and make it easy and convenient to get what I was searching for. One day, while I was preparing a BBQ, I was holding my cutting board in one hand as I leaned over to grab some chicken to prepare in my cooler. As I groped around in the ice searching for the chicken among the countless beverages in the ice, the light bulb clicked on. Why not have a cutting board in the cooler that serves two purposes? A great location for a cutting board with the utility of a divider to separate food and beverages!

Divide "N" Cut was born! We designed a two-piece housing that snaps together to hold the cutting board when not in use and when in-use serves as a divider. It's the best of both worlds. Cooler organization with a cutting board to boot! You'll never forget your cutting board again and the top of your cooler will thank you for not cutting on it ever again.

As we move forward, I want to thank all of you for your support. Any ideas or questions, please feel free to email me.

Sold by Market Segment

A 15%
B 10%
C 20%
D 45%

Meet Our Team

  • Jeff Daley - ceo

Jeff is the inventor, founder and creative force behind Divide "N" Cut products. His passion for his products and customer service is second to no one. If you have any other suggestions or would like Jeff to explore other ideas, please contact us!

  • Vicki Daley - legal

Vicki is our legal force behind the scenes in our office. Her expertise in legal matters was the spring-board to the launch of Divide "N" Cut and she continues to keep our office "grounded" when we have a little too much fun.

  • Jeff Thies - v.p. operations

Jeff is focused on customer service, quality, sustainable growth and production for Divide "N" Cut. His straight forward and unfiltered approach drive quality production results and timely delivery.

  • Our Mascot

And what company doesn't have a mascot? Best co-worker in the world. Never a complaint!