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igloo cooler dividers

Product Description

Our Large Dividers come in one package containing three(3) separate dividing inserts.

The Organizer Fits Into:

Igloo* MAXCOLD 150qt Ice Chest

Igloo* MAXCOLD 165qt Ice Chest

Igloo* Super Tough STX 150qt Cooler

Igloo* Super Tough STX 165qt Cooler

Igloo* All-Terrain Cooler 165qt Cooler

Igloo* Quick and Cool 150qt Ice Chest

Igloo* 152qt Cooler (co-branded at Academy Sports Retail)

Absolute Zero's 110 Liter Cooler.

These dishwasher safe dividers are easy to install & remove by simply sliding them into the pre-molded notches in your cooler. Create four separate cooler compartments in one cooler! These dividers are not designed or intended to be used as a cutting board and should only be used as dividing panels in your cooler. Cooler pictured is NOT included.

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Product Details

Material Dishwasher safe plastic (Polypropylene) Size Fits: Igloo MAXCOLD* 150 & 165 quart ice chests, Igloo Super Tough STX 150qt & 165qt coolers, Igloo All-Terrain Cooler 165qt & Igloo Quick and Cool 150qt *NEW* These also fit Absolute Zero's 110 liter cooler Price $ 19.95 + S/H ($ 14.50)
(Ships via USPS)