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Product Description

Our patent pending large divider/housing/cutting boards are made with dishwasher safe plastic. (Polypropylene)

The Scout Fits Into:

Igloo* MAXCOLD 150qt Ice Chest

Igloo* MAXCOLD 165qt Ice Chest

Igloo* Super Tough STX 150qt Cooler

Igloo* Super Tough STX 165qt Cooler

Igloo* All-Terrain Cooler 165qt Cooler

Igloo* Quick and Cool 150qt Ice Chest

Igloo* 152qt Cooler (co-branded at Academy Sports Retail)

Absolute Zero's 110 Liter Cooler.

To install, simply slide them into the pre-molded notches in your cooler. The housing fits snuggly in place while the cutting board can be removed without disrupting your cooler organization. Housing snaps together and is easily disassembled for cleaning. This package is for the large housing and cutting board only as pictured to the left.

The Scout package only includes the cutting board housing and cutting board and does NOT include any separate dividers. (See The Adventurer for combo kit)

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Product Details

Material Dishwasher safe plastic (Polypropylene) Size Fits: Igloo MAXCOLD* 150 & 165 Quart Coolers, Igloo Super Tough STX 150qt & 165qt coolers, Igloo All-Terrain Cooler 165qt & Igloo Quick and Cool 150qt. *NEW* Fits Absolute Zero's 110 Liter cooler. Price $ 24.95 + S/H ($ 14.50)
(Ships via USPS)