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Does the Product Fit Any Cooler?
No. They are designed to fit Igloo MaxCold* 94 Qt. marine, Igloo MaxCold* 152 & 165 qt, and Absolute Zero 110 Liter Coolers allowing for a perfect fit to the cooler. The Adventurer, The Scout & The Organizer fit in Igloo's MAXCOLD* 152 & 165 Quart coolers(when open, measurements inside cooler are approx. 37 1/2" x 15" wide x 16" deep - 152qt. 165qt is new and has been tested with our product and it fits). The Fisherman inserts fit into Igloo's* 94 Quart Marine coolers (When open, 30 1/2" long x 13 3/4" wide x 14" deep). We strongly suggest not forcing the Divide "N" Cut products into a cooler not designed for our product. Damage to the Divide "N" Cut product or damage to your cooler will likely occur. Igloo and MAXCOLD is a registered trademark of Igloo Products, Corp. and is not affliliated with Divide "N" Cut, LLC. in any way.
Are the Divide "N" Cut Products "Food Safe"?
Yes. We use food safe grade quality materials. Keep in mind that the divider inserts (The Organizer) and the cutting board housing(s) are not designed nor should the be used as cutting boards. We highly recommend washing the Divide "N" Cut products after each use.
Is White the Only Color?
No. We are able to manufacture a wide variety of colors for the inserts and cutting boards. At this time, color requests are special order items which require a minimum order. For details, please email us at: info@dividencut.com
Can I put Writing or Logo's on the Pieces?
Yes. We are able to put logo's, special events, teams, company names, etc. on the cutting boards. Please note that we have restrictions on what we can put on the cutting boards without written consent or licensing. There is a minimum order required as this is a special order. For more details, please email us at: info@dividencut.com
How do I clean the Divide "N" Cut Products?
We highly recommend you hand wash the Divide "N" Cut products, even though they are dishwasher safe. For health and safety reasons, we encourage the Divide "N" Cut products to be washed after each use.
Can I Find Your Products at a Retail Store?
Currently, we only sell the Divide "N" Cut products via our website and at trade shows. We are evaluating our options for retail distribution, however, our partnership with these retailers must have the same business and personal values as Divide "N" Cut.
What is my cooler size?
Many people do not know what size cooler they have. A general rule of thumb is the following:

Our inserts are designed for Igloo MaxCold* 94, 152 & 165 Quart Coolers or Absolute Zero 110 Liter Coolers

The 152 Quart cooler measures approx. 37 1/2" at the top of the cooler (when open) and 15" wide and 16" deep.

The 94 quart cooler measures approx. 30 1/2" at the top of the cooler (when open) and 13 3/4" wide and 14" deep

The 165 Igloo cooler is reasonably new and no measurements available. Divide "N" Cut's Adventurer, Organizer and Scout has been tested to fit in the 165 quart cooler

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